It´s understood that everyone wants to buy cheap. What about companies? Well, In our opinion they want to sell cheap, but with a commercial margin  cause we´re living in an economic capitalism World.

When We see an item we love, we need to analize the market. What´s going on when we see a too expensive or too cheap product ?

1.- If It´s really really expensive, this product obviously won´t be sold.

2.-If It´s super cheap, It´s more than likely we´re talking about a rip-off

What does market prices mean?

It´s a buyer´s reference to buy something we´re willing to pay. As simple as that 😉

What does competitive prices mean?

Same tariffs than competence companies. Same prices of organizations that sell same than us. Why? Well, It is supposed that other older companies have reached the balanced price. They´ve been making mistakes about it once and once again to establish the right price.

What circumstances could make the price vary?

1.- Per example, if we see two similar products and different price. Why this variation?

Maybe the factory where the product was made´s different. Then, probably the costs to make the item are higher. So the products are not the same one another. This could be a reason why the final price can vary. Normally a more expensive item similar to another one is a more quality product.

2.-The company who sells is truly important.

How many of us have ever ordered a Coca-Cola instead a cola drink?

Without responding last question we´ve already answered ?
Coca-Cola is able to sell cans more expensive, but always respecting competitive prices.

Before we finish, we must say that the best way to buy using B2B method is doing it at competitive prices, considering product quality, good consumer support and safety on time delivery. Do you agree?

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