Ushuaïa: «The Temple of Ibiza Island»

The word “temple” remind us of antique civilizations as Rome, Greece or maybe Egypt. We´re not gonna talk about those old civilizations. That´d be a history subjet 😉

In recent history of EDM and night life, there´s another temple still alive. Today we´re gonna talk about one disco situated in the island of Ibiza. (Spain)

UshuaÏa Ibiza Beach is a big brand and It belongs to Spanish Group called Palladium Hotel. It was founded in 2011 after Abel Matutes and Yan Pissenem took a deal.

Abel Matutes´ son explain us a little about it:

We´re not sure if they picked this name up from an argentinian town call Ushuaia, but certainly there´s an argentinian city call Ushuaia.

What´s the location of this “temple”?

As you know is not situated in Argentina 😉

There you go: Playa d’en Bossa 10, 07817 Sant Jordi Ses Salines, Ibiza (España)

After letting you know this situation, We must tell you that Ibiza island is divided by beaches and small coves. Anyway, you know that in this kind of islands, We´ll leave behind a lot of hidden beautiful coves that nobody knows 😉 We´re leaving you a link of top 10 beaches:

The Ushuhaïa Experience It´s not just a disco, It´s much more. If we decide to visit this building we´ll find several restaurans, discos, etc. Isn´it a hotel? Isn´t a club? Definitely It´s a non-stop music festival during the whole summer 🙂

Maybe that´s the reason why is different than the others discos in this island. We don´t know what exactly is. And also for its spectacular daytime parties.

Adults enterteinment everywhere, the best dj shows, last technologies, V.I.P. services! ….. these are a few things you´ll find in the building…. Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel is composed by two áreas:

The Ushuaïa Club and The Ushuaïa Tower. One of them is more suitable for meeting people and the other is much quieter:

It´s a luxury building complex. Can we find Sound Suites?

Yes, course 🙂

There´s no doubt that the heart of this complex is its DJ booth.  That spectacular scenary put up the World´s Best DJ´s

Do you recognise it?

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Here, a couple of movies of Ushuaïa 2018

Probably you´ll also love that one:

Ibiza Summer 2018. Let´s Fucking Party


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