How to attract customers?

Today We´re talking about how we can attract customers to our business. As we sell products for hostelry we´ll focus on cafeterias, bars, clubs, pubs and music festivals. So If you have different business maybe we cannot use that. Anyway, all these words are just ideas that you can take it or throw it away to the bin 😉

We have to pay attention on one word: «visibility». We can make a comparison with an on-line business. As many people as log on your website, It´s more likely you to sell something. So, if you have a worldwide visibility, It´s understable that you can sell a lot of items or whatever.

But, What´s going on if your business hasn´t got the visibility you desire? Well, in this case, things are getting worse 😉 Besides, imagine that your business is being surrounded by same kind of cafes, bars, etc.
So they´re selling same products and they´re too close. What are you gonna do? It´d be great that we could distribute benefits and this way everybody happy:

Unfortunately, that´s not possible and your local is empty and competence locals overcrowded. Why?
Well, tariffs are competitives and apart from the prices you might offer; imagine the very potential customer doesn´t know any local at all. Where do you think he/she is going to come in?

Are you offering the same than your competence?

Or perhaps:

Are you thinking about something special for your clients?
What are you doing to make your business different than the others?

Talking about restaurants and cafeterias, we think that menu holders and restaurant/cafe blackboards are extremely important one, cause It´s the customer´s first impression. In Spanish we call it portamenús para restaurantes and pizarras para restaurantes It depends how much money you´re willing to spend, you´ll get a better o worse stuff. There´re different types, different prices. You can even built one 😉

And also about restaurant and café blackboards:

Have you ever seen a luminous pizza? 🙂  We don´t see why not in case you run a pizzeria and want to attract customers. Would it be a good option?

Let´s get into pubs, discos and music festivals. It´s known that good-looking waiters and beautiful waitresses are attracting customers. What about free shots? It always happen so far 😉 But nowadays, Internet offers us the chance to add even more value to our music festival. Items using the last technologies we will surprise our guests with. Per example, L.E.D. t-shirt. We already analyzed in one of our post. If you missed it and want to have a look, click below:

How L.E.D. t-shirts are made?

In conclusion, do something special to make your business special. Are you ready? 😉

Sorry for any mistake, We did not mean it! 😉

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