Differences between a product and a service

We´re talking about main differences we think there´s between a product and a service. Also, we explain two concepts: B2B and B2C and which one is the right way to buy something on Internet market in each particular context . We don´t pretend this post to be a rule, so we say It´s gonna be half opinion / half information article. It´s not science. So, don´t worry if you don´t agree with that, it´s understable.
Well, in general, a produt is something that is made in a factory.

After that, the manufacturers have to sell it. Directly or maybe It can be resold by many resellers. It depends of the market. This item (product) will get the final consumer of course at a competitive prices, It must. But, what the final consumer is expecting for that? The very low price. The quality matters, but It´s not really important.
This kind of commercial relationship is called B2C (Bussiness to Consumer)

If you´ve just watched the very short video before, B2C is a direct commercial relationship between a business and a consumer, no intermediaries.

What is the biggest B2C now?

Right, Marketplaces could be an example and the most important is Amazon. But, you think there´s no intermediaries in this type of business?

That´s not quite true, cause Amazon is an intermediarie, and the product that buy the final consumer is passing through Amazon Team. Are you sure this marketplace is selling the product directly? Perhaps a maketplace is a manufacturer and they have millions machines to make everything everywhere? 😉 Anyway!

Despite of those words, our conclussion is: marketplaces can be ok for B2C relationships but not for spending a lot of money.
It´s like a shelving where we can choose millions of products from.

What about the invoice? The final consumer don´t give a shit any receipt or invoice 🙂

The last idea we say is that on Marketplaces is common dropshipping method. You know how dangerous is it?. Per example: We´ve seen an amazing product and we want to get it. The seller´s name is Peter and free shipping. Unfortunately, this item will fly from China and the real seller´s name is Lee 😉 Don´t forget that everything is made in China.

What about if customs team decide to stop the package? It won´t be free shipping then.

On the other hand we have B2B commercial relationships. Business to business or company to company.

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Here, the price is not so important. The quality of suplier and product is what this companies are looking for and of course we don´t have to forget at «competitive prices».

What type of commercial relationships are produced using B2B?

The one between manufacturer and wholesaler / the one between wholesaler and retailer.

So, a product can be offer with a great and quality service. Before a company is decided to buy, they wanna know it all. Who are they buying, who´s the people working behind the company and project, product quality and after sales-service. How easy is contacting your company? As a legal company the´ll need an invoice. And if everything is alrtight they´ll buy you many many times.

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