Useful information for DJ´s

Useful information for DJ´s

Nowadays, everyone has a computer and It´s really amazing. We can use it for everything. It´s essential for work. No matter what kind of job we do, we´ll always see it.

And also, for personal use.

Who doesn´t use it for hobby? 😉

You can travel around the world with a computer and Internet connection. Shopping, booking a hotel, see pictures, watch videos, read articles, etc. Well, It´s absolutely important.

Music DJ´s have the opportunity of surfing the net and find relevant information about the subjet they´re interested in. Forums, blogs, etc. Per example, If you love electronic music you should take a look to this on-line magazine:

Let´s get back to the explanation…..

How can I be a dj? Don´t miss this funny video 🙂

We´re kidding!. Seriously If you want to work as a dj, you´ll need a minimum equipment.

What do you need to be a dj?

But if you haven´t this specific equipment, there are a lot of computer applications. Sometimes It´s extraordinary that almost everything can be done from your computer. Who knows, maybe you can mix music and the result could be more than acceptable 😉
We´re talking about useful computer applications for music dj´s. These are for amateur dj´s and why not for avanced dj´s?

You can find below tutorials of music sessions using several dj computer programs such us Virtual Dj, Traktor Pro, Ableton Live and Mixx:

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