Here we go again! . We´ve decided to write this post in English cause We know many people from USA and worldwide is following us. Probably you´ve clicked for the title and hopefully you´ll stay for the content. Fingers crossed! And we hope you´ll come back again and again to visit us.

What is gonna be this post about?

Right, we´re talking about curious parties in Europe.

Like almost always we don´t want this post to be so long, so of course we´ll leave more than one party behind.

Let´s start then!

Are you married? Would you dare to be the fastest man lifting up your wife on Earth? This celebration is located in Finland and It´s really strange.

If we don´t move from the extreme cold and move to Scotland we can delight with The Fire Festival. Well, with this fire we won´t be cold 😉

Certainly, It´s the perfect festival to be a real viking.

Have you ever been to Holland?

Apart from the tulips, dutch people know very very well how to use bridgets for celebrations. Watch this!

From time to time we watch on TV: athletics, javelin throw, discus throw, etc. But what about cheese throw? Why don´t we travel to Gloucestershire (United Kingdom) to check it out?

Slow down mate, we won´t move from UK, they´ve got a special talent for this.

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No It isn´t. It´s just a bird man LOL

We´re reaching the end and we´ll leave you this one, that is so so curious.

Can we ask you a question? Are you handsome? Don´t miss that! 🙂

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