Ibiza Summer 2018. Let´s Fucking Party

Hold on! Before we reach this island by ship or plane we must know where it is. It´s better to build the house from the bottom to the top 😉 Maybe you´re thinking about why we are writting articles in English. Have we got any reason? Yes, of course. This way, that original information can […]

Useful information for DJ´s

Nowadays, everyone has a computer and It´s really amazing. We can use it for everything. It´s essential for work. No matter what kind of job we do, we´ll always see it. And also, for personal use. Who doesn´t use it for hobby? 😉 You can travel around the world with a computer and Internet connection. […]

A Indonesia con DJ Dipha.Barus

  En uno de nuestros post ya hicimos referencia a la música electrónica en Asia y destacábamos que a pesar de que no era muy conocida, realmente existía. Esto, claro está, teniendo en cuenta que la música occidental tiene mucha más repercusión mediática y mundial. Si os perdísteis nuestro post en el que hablamos del […]

Super Events!

First of all, We should´ve been thought of all of you. Sorry about that. But, We´ll try to sort it out ASAP 😉 Los festivales de música nos recuerdan que el verano se acerca. Un tiempo que va mejorando día a día y nos apetece pasar la mayor parte de nuestro free time en la […]