Well, this is the first post in English language and It´s not gonna be the last one. Of course not. We thought that maybe the content were OK, that´s why We´ve decided to make it this way. We´re not native English speakers, so If there´s any mistake, We´re sorry and we beg you pardon.

In Spanish, We call it camiseta luminosa or camiseta con luz. Without going into the technical part, We´ll focus on making sure of explaining its diferent pieces. It is a very rare and striking t-shirt.


What does the L.E.D t-shirt have different from the others?

It´s a normal t-shirt and usually made it in black colour. That´s because It´s the less important piece of L.E.D t-shirt. On the other hand the extraordinary part is the L.E.D panel and the battery pouch.

You can find different designs on market:

Almost all that kind of t-shirts are made on China. Well, to be honest, everything is made on China 
In our opinion, the most amazing thing is that You can personalize inserting logo or brand, and making this way, the result is a very brilliant publicity 😉

Everyone understands that this type of publicity is very effective If you have a discoteque, pub, etc. And in general, nightlife business. Not at a bakery 🙂

The other important question we want to clarify is the following one:

Is this amazing t-shirt washable?

Yes It is, and we´ll let you know why. Well, if we want to wash it; we just need to separate the L.E.D panel and the battery pouch from the normal t-shirt. We can do this using the velcro that is on t-shirt.



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