Hace ya algún tiempo que los items publicitarios se utilizan como medio para realizar ventas y por supuesto captar a futuros clientes. En un mundo en el que la tecnología avanza muy rapidamente, cada día se encuentran productos con diseños más innovadores. ¿Qué funciones queremos que cumplan estos artículos publicitarios para empresas? Aunque hay más […]

Ibiza Summer 2018. Let´s Fucking Party

Hold on! Before we reach this island by ship or plane we must know where it is. It´s better to build the house from the bottom to the top 😉 Maybe you´re thinking about why we are writting articles in English. Have we got any reason? Yes, of course. This way, that original information can […]

Useful information for DJ´s

Nowadays, everyone has a computer and It´s really amazing. We can use it for everything. It´s essential for work. No matter what kind of job we do, we´ll always see it. And also, for personal use. Who doesn´t use it for hobby? 😉 You can travel around the world with a computer and Internet connection. […]

How to attract customers?

Today We´re talking about how we can attract customers to our business. As we sell products for hostelry we´ll focus on cafeterias, bars, clubs, pubs and music festivals. So If you have different business maybe we cannot use that. Anyway, all these words are just ideas that you can take it or throw it away […]