Useful information for DJ´s

Nowadays, everyone has a computer and It´s really amazing. We can use it for everything. It´s essential for work. No matter what kind of job we do, we´ll always see it. And also, for personal use. Who doesn´t use it for hobby? 😉 You can travel around the world with a computer and Internet connection. […]

How to attract customers?

Today We´re talking about how we can attract customers to our business. As we sell products for hostelry we´ll focus on cafeterias, bars, clubs, pubs and music festivals. So If you have different business maybe we cannot use that. Anyway, all these words are just ideas that you can take it or throw it away […]

How L.E.D. t-shirts are made?

Well, this is the first post in English language and It´s not gonna be the last one. Of course not. We thought that maybe the content were OK, that´s why We´ve decided to make it this way. We´re not native English speakers, so If there´s any mistake, We´re sorry and we beg you pardon. In […]

A Indonesia con DJ Dipha.Barus

  En uno de nuestros post ya hicimos referencia a la música electrónica en Asia y destacábamos que a pesar de que no era muy conocida, realmente existía. Esto, claro está, teniendo en cuenta que la música occidental tiene mucha más repercusión mediática y mundial. Si os perdísteis nuestro post en el que hablamos del […]